The Energy of Money Course: Silver

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    The Energy of Money Course: Silver

    In addition to everything in the Bronze level, you will also uncover the hidden landscape of beliefs, patterns, and habits that underlie and can either help or hinder your everyday use of money and personal resources. It’s called your Money Autobiography. 

    You will learn details about the four principles of living a truly successful life: Clarity, Focus, Ease, and Grace

    You will discover your ability to move ahead in life in the form of a power that you already possess but may not have even recognized as yet! Being Willing! 

    You’ll learn to use a Four-Step Process to coach yourself through difficult money situations, so your life comes alive with promise instead of problems! 

    Now, have you ever wondered who you really are? What your unique pathway to excellence is

    Well, wonder no more! In this module, you will discover your Standards of Integrity, the heartfelt values that bring you joy and strength in your relationship with money. 

     In addition, you will explore::

    • The six forms of energy we all must learn to use  in order to bring our ideas from the vision stage into physical reality,
    • The ways in which your relationship with money is part of your Hero’s Journey,
    •  How to use your relationship with money as a means to transform your entire life! 
    •  Your greatest personal treasures in the form of your Life’s Intentions, the purposes that light your way to a life well-lived!

    Also: you have a Personal Workbook that’s filled with ways to create and then apply your Money Autobiography, your Standards of Integrity, and your Life’s Intentions to your relationship with money!

    You will receive a two-part workbook filled with ways to create your Money Autobiography and your Standards of Integrity.

    Course includes: 7 videos (separate audios and transcripts are available) + 2 Workbooks




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