The Energy of Money Course: Gold

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    The Energy of Money Course: Gold

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    Course includes: 12 videos (separate audios and transcripts) + Nine Workbooks

    + Three Live Coaching Sessions with Dr. Maria Nemeth

    In this, the most powerful and complete transformational journey, we are going to uncover the hidden landscape of beliefs, patterns, and habits that underlie and can either help or hinder your everyday use of money and personal resources. It’s called your Money Autobiography.

    In addition to everything in the Bronze and Silver levels, you will also learn details about the four principles of living a truly successful life: Clarity, Focus, Ease, and Grace, and how to apply them to your relationship with money!

    You will discover your ability to move ahead in life in the form of a power that you already possess but may not have even recognized as yet! Being Willing! 

    You’ll learn to use a Four-Step Process to coach yourself through difficult money situations, so your life comes alive with promise instead of problems! 

    Now, have you ever wondered who you really are? What your unique pathway to excellence is

    Well, wonder no more! In this module, you will discover your Standards of Integrity, the heartfelt values that bring you joy and strength in your relationship with money. 

     In addition, you will explore:

    • The six forms of energy we all must learn to use  in order to bring our ideas from the vision stage into physical reality,
    • How a relationship with money is a normal and natural part of your Hero’s Journey.
    • How to use your relationship with money as a means to transform your entire life! 
    • Your greatest personal treasures in the form of your Life’s Intentions, the purposes that light your way to a life well-lived!
    • What money madness is all about and how to deal with it!

    You will meet The Playing Field of Life, in which you will finally get answers to questions that trouble anyone who wants to create the life they would love to live!

    • Why is it so hard to put ideas into practice?
    • Why do I get stuck, no matter how much I love my ideas, so that I eventually either give up or struggle to do what I thought I would love to do?
    • Why do I have so much negative self-talk? What is it really about and how do I switch it off?
    • How do I create the life I love with Clarity, Focus, Ease, and Grace?
    • What is Monkey Mind thinking?
    • You will discover how your stopping points with money are occasions for celebration, not fear! It’s called your Point of Mastery.

    You will receive a five-part workbook filled with ways to create your Money Autobiography, and your Standards of Integrity, as well as powerful ways to Demonstrate your Standards of Integrity in everything you do, including your relationship with money, You’ll go on a fascinating journey to Discover your Life’s Intentions and learn How to Fix the Leaks in Your Money Conduit.

    Everyone has questions about their relationship with money. Questions that need to be answered with a live encounter with a masterful coach.

    Dr. Maria Nemeth, a Master Certified Coach will be there to answer your questions and support you through personal “stopping points.”


    The three sessions will occur weekly, typically on Tuesday at 3 pm Pacific. Make sure you plan for this life-changing opportunity!

    You will get the best of both possible worlds: powerful principles taken from The Energy of Money Book plus some of the valuable strategies that Dr. Maria Nemeth has developed working with thousands of people since the book was published more than two decades ago.

    Why did you design this course? A conversation with Dr. Maria Nemeth

    There are too many people in this world who are suffering because their relationship with money is not what it could be, and they’re not experiencing Clarity, Focus, Ease, or Grace. Those are the four principles or qualities of success that you’re going to learn about.

    You’re going to learn how to implement these qualities in your everyday life. One of the reasons that money is so difficult for some of us to really deal with is because we may have some hidden beliefs. Or some worries, doubts, or fears that we’ve never really allowed ourselves to see. Because you know that anything you don’t see, any part of your relationship with money that you don’t allow yourself to observe, will influence your life, your behavior, and your thoughts. The minute you see it, the minute you tell the truth, you gain distance from it.

    And in that distance, you can choose something else! Do I live with my doubts and fears about money or do I live with a way of working with my money? That brings me to learn how to work with money? That brings me harmony, meaning satisfaction, fulfillment? Knowing that all is well. And that I am here to learn how to be a conscious conduit of this energy, meaning I’m here to learn how to take the energy of money and focus it where I want to focus it, not wasting it.

    Not throwing it away because I wasn’t aware of what I was doing, but focusing it on goals and dreams that I have. If you are willing to have a breakthrough, if you are willing to have a way of living with money that empowers not only you but the people around you, the people you care about, that’s what makes life really worth living. When you can empower all of you and everyone around you to be living the life that everyone is meant to be living.

    What’s so unusual about this Energy of Money course you’ve developed?

    If you’re up for what I just described, then take the step,  take this course. I promise you. If you use the tools I give you, you will experience it. Breakthroughs in your relationship with money. 

    You’ll no longer worry about it. Sometimes at night, before we go to sleep, we have some concerns having to do with money. But if you no longer had any of that, what if you lived life as you were meant to live it? I promise if you take this course and implement the tools I give you, that is what you can look forward to.

    I look forward to having people with me, to join me. I also look forward to hearing from people and about their money breakthroughs. Because every time I hear from people about what they’re doing with money, it contributes to my life. So let the good times roll. Join me in this course and let’s get on with your life.

    Course includes: 12 videos (separate audios and transcripts) + Nine Workbooks

    + Three Live Coaching Sessions with Dr. Maria Nemeth


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