Listen: How to Master The Energy of Money by Dr. Maria Nemeth

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    Listen: How to Master The Energy of Money by Dr. Maria Nemeth

    Relationship with money


    Money Mindset 

    Dr. Maria Nemeth had a conversation with Kute Blarkson, an inspirational speaker and transformational teacher, about the process of authoring the book Energy of Money and the changes it brought about.

    Dr. Maria discusses her financial experiences and how they have influenced her writing about money and relationships.

    Our battles with money have shown the choices we make and the results of those choices. The introduction of the Energy of Money has resulted in courses and books that shed further light on the subject.

    Check out Dr. Maria Nemeth on How to Master The Energy of Money episode on SoulTalk with Kute Blackson

    Shifting mindset about money

    Are you ready to change the way we think and behave when it comes to money? Change is brought about by the powerful quality of “being willing,” which is not a sensation but rather a choice. In order to transcend our thoughts, we must be willing.

    Look, see, speak the truth, and take authentic action. Make a list of the changes you wish to make and then take genuine action on them.

    Dr. Maria emphasizes that by allowing ourselves to rise above our ideas and choose what is beneficial and more transformative for us, we can take control of our brains and make worthwhile changes.

    She says the first step is to give yourself permission to be vulnerable enough to answer the challenging questions about money. Nobody wants to discuss how much money they are wasting, their leakage, or their income. For us to truly experience a change in our relationship with money, we need to start having difficult talks like those.

    Making minimal contributions to others starts to transform how we look at our scarcity of money, fostering a sense of power. One starts to feel more powerful.

    Our culture and beliefs about money can be extremely confining, but when we have too many of them, something starts to happen to us, and we start to look for a way out.

    Either we choose to present ourselves as people who are aware of the purpose for which we were put on this globe, or we present ourselves as victims of circumstance.

    Because fear never goes away unless we overcome the beliefs that generate it, we would like to be remembered at the end of our lives as someone who made the right decisions. It’s all in the head; the brain is always looking for anything to fear, according to the negativity bias. Understanding your true self gives you control over your brain.

    To change the  mindset, we have to:

    • Be willing
    • Ask yourself what you are not ready to answer about money.

    Dr. Maria provides exercises and resources to help someone restructure their brain in her Energy of Money course. It’s intended to make you more aware of how you manage money. A money map that displays financial trends, allows you to change the patterns and learn more about yourself by following the Standards of Integrity and your life’s intentions (values and purposes).

    We make choices about how we want to live in relation to our relationship with money and things to look out for as we live:

    • Gratitude
    • Relationships
    • Contributing to the lives of others

    Above all, look, and see one thing you are grateful for.

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