Ep. 36: Contributing The Energy of Money

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    Contributing The Energy of Money

    Ep. 36: Contributing The Energy of Money

    Contributing The Energy of Money

    Holiday Money Madness

    'Money is really congealed energy'

    -Joseph Campbell

    Ep. 36: Contributing The Energy of Money

    It’s common to feel that way, but the important thing is not to give up and keep working towards your financial goals. It’s a good idea to create a budget and stick to it, look for ways to increase your income, and prioritize saving. Remember, financial stability is a journey and it takes time and effort to achieve.

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    Money is a form of energy that can be held and used to accomplish things. The concept of money as congealed energy was introduced by Joseph Campbell. Though the physical form of money has changed from dollar bills to digital blips, its power remains. Money is a potent force that can be used to achieve goals and make a difference in the world.

    Dr. Maria and Kalika discuss the financial concerns of the holiday season, particularly with rising gas prices and the impact of COVID-19 on the economy. Dr. Maria offers advice on overcoming anxiety around money and suggests that there are many ways to create meaningful holidays without spending a lot of money. She encourages listeners to consider what kind of holiday experience they want to have and plan accordingly.

    It is interesting how people typically talk about their holiday experiences and memories rather than what they received as gifts. It encourages all of us to think about the kind of holiday memories we want to have and create that experience for ourselves. An example is given of a woman who didn’t have much money but found an innovative way to make her holiday special.  The most important part is focusing on experiences and connections rather than material possessions during the holiday season. Gifts from the heart last for a long time, providing enjoyment beyond just the initial moment of receiving it, focus on thoughtful, relationship-focused gifts.

    Dr. Maria, who has worked with children, suggests that kids respond well to lists and recommends asking children to make a list of things they would love to have or do for Christmas. By doing this, children start anticipating the holiday and feel heard and seen when their parents purchase something from their list. She believes that the true spirit of the holidays is creating positive feelings in our relationships with others.

    To note is that the holiday season can be both challenging and a learning opportunity. The emphasis is on the importance of time, connection, and planning ahead to make the season more satisfying and create lasting memories. The memories associated with the holidays are based on the feelings they evoke. 

    During family meetings over the holidays you can meet with certain family members can be uncomfortable, but do not worry about trying to change people who are mildly irritating, as it can be like poking a beehive. Instead, consider having a moment of compassion for the person and finding one thing to appreciate about them. It is important to acknowledge and make others feel good during the holiday season and also avoid overspending and financial stress. The gift of acknowledgment can create beautiful memories, and it’s important to excuse yourself from being around people who are difficult to be around. 


    • You can still have a memorable holiday by spending less
    • Focus on creating memories with family and friends 
    • Be creative with the gifts

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