Ep. 34: A Holographic View of Money

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    A Holographic View of Money

    Ep. 34: A Holographic View of Money

    A Holographic View of Money

    A Holographic View of Money

    'To see a world in a grain of sand, or heaven in a wildflower. Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour.'

    -William Blake

    Ep. 34: A Holographic View of Money

    (That your) relationship with money can reflect your overall approach to life is a common belief. The way you handle money can reveal a lot about your values, priorities, and habits, and can also have a significant impact on your overall well-being and happiness.

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    Dr. Nemeth argues that money is not simply a physical object or a symbol of value but rather a hologram that reflects people’s beliefs, emotions, and attitudes.

    According to Dr. Nemeth, people’s relationship with money is shaped by unconscious beliefs and assumptions, which often go unexamined. These beliefs can create self-imposed limitations on their ability to create and manage wealth. By becoming aware of these limiting beliefs and changing them, individuals can shift their relationship with money and achieve greater financial abundance.

    A fresh perspective on the role of money in people’s lives offers a roadmap for achieving greater financial freedom and abundance.

    Holographic life is a concept that relates to a poem by William Blake about seeing the universe in a grain of sand and expressing it in a scientific view through the properties of a hologram. A hologram is created by taking a holographic picture and creating a plate of it, which shows nothing but interference patterns. 

    However, when a laser is shone through the holographic plate, it produces a three-dimensional image of the picture. Even a small piece of the plate produces a blurred version of the image, showing that every part of the plate contains the complete picture, similar to the idea that the universe is present in every small part of it.

    She suggests that an individual’s relationship with money can serve as a holographic representation of their entire life. This means that if one wants to understand how their entire life is turning out, they can look at their relationship with money and gain valuable insight into how they approach different aspects of their life. 

    For example, if someone is always anxious about money and constantly worries about not having enough, it may indicate that they approach other areas of their life with a similar level of anxiety and worry. On the other hand, if someone has a healthy and positive relationship with money, it may suggest that they approach other areas of their life with a similarly positive and healthy mindset. Ultimately, Dr. Maria suggests that understanding one’s relationship with money can provide valuable insight into how they are living their entire life.

    To think about: 

    • Your relationship with money reflects how you relate to other aspects of your life

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