Ep. 31: Scarcity Part 2 | Online Course + Live Coaching

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    Scarcity Part 2

    Ep. 31: Scarcity Part 2

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    Scarcity Part 2

    'Are you willing to become conscious about how you use this very precious energy of money so that you are no longer worried about scarcity?'

    -Dr. Maria Nemeth

    Ep. 31: Scarcity Part 2

    When you’re spending money consciously, you’re using it for necessities and that which really brings you a sense of all is well, a sense of true enjoyment. One of the six energies of money is the energy of enjoyment. You have the energy of money, time, creativity, enjoyment, relationship, and physical vitality.

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    Dr. Maria Nemeth’s exploration of the concept of scarcity and its impact on people’s lives. In this part, she delves deeper into the topic and provides more insights and strategies for dealing with scarcity. Scarcity is not just about lacking money or resources, but it is a mindset that affects all areas of life.

    Scarcity thinking creates a sense of fear and anxiety, which can lead to procrastination, self-doubt, and negative self-talk. She suggests that the first step to overcoming scarcity thinking is to become aware of it and recognize its effects.

    What scares you the most about scarcity? Is it that you do not have enough? Or will you lose it and not have enough?

    This is it, the goal is to develop a positive relationship with money that is not based on fear, despite having a limited amount. Instead of being afraid of the limit, she suggests using it as a source of creativity to find ways to secure more money.

    However, the caution is that acquiring more money does not necessarily mean that one will have less fear. In fact, many wealthy individuals are even more afraid of losing money than they were before becoming wealthy. As a matter of fact, unresolved fears and issues with money can grow bigger and follow a person, regardless of how much money they have.

    In this episode, we get to understand the importance of setting clear goals and priorities to overcome scarcity thinking. She recommends that individuals identify their top three priorities and allocate their time and resources accordingly. This approach can help people focus on what is truly important and avoid wasting time and energy on less essential activities.

    Dr. Nemeth also provides practical advice on managing finances and building wealth. She stresses the importance of creating a budget and sticking to it, as well as setting financial goals and taking small steps toward achieving them.

    This episode offers valuable insights and strategies for overcoming scarcity thinking and building a more abundant and fulfilling life.

    To remember:

    • Identify the leaks in your spending 
    • Record your conscious and unconscious spending 
    • Take action of your unconscious spending