Ep. 30: Scarcity Part 1 | Online Course + Live Coaching

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    eom ep29

    Ep. 30: Scarcity Part 1

    eom ep29

    Scarcity Part 1

    'I've been rich and I've been poor: rich is better.'

    -Dorothy Parker

    Ep. 30: Scarcity Part 1

    Scarcity is really one of our greatest teachers in life and what I mean by teachers is that the experience of scarcity, which is the experience of limits, is something that we all have whenever we act in physical reality.

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    In this episode, we look at the concept of scarcity and how it can affect various areas of our lives. Scarcity is the feeling of not having enough, and it can manifest in different forms, including time scarcity, money scarcity, and energy scarcity.

    While acting in physical reality, we have the scarcity thought. We experience limits because there is a boundary that constrains us. Are you scared of limits in life?

    Dr. Nemeth explains that scarcity often stems from our beliefs and attitudes about ourselves and the world. We may hold onto limiting beliefs, such as “I don’t deserve to have more,” or “there’s never enough to go around,” which can perpetuate a sense of scarcity.

    It is impossible to have an unlimited amount of money and time in physical reality. All of us have the same amount of time in a day when we are willing to look at limits. 

    What can you spend 10 minutes doing that warms your heart and the focus shifts from your limit, but what can you do in the limited time? What is it about money that brings anxiety to us? 

    We got to learn about not getting more about something but rather finding what we are doing with the energy of money that we currently have. Bringing clarity, focus, ease, and grace to what I have. 

    At some point in our lives, we strive to have more, which is driven by the fear of having less, comparing ourselves with others who we think have more in all areas of our lives, and underneath that, the feeling is less.

    She also highlights how scarcity can impact our decision-making abilities, causing us to make choices based on fear and lack rather than abundance and possibility. Dr. Nemeth suggests that by recognizing and addressing our scarcity mindset, we can begin to shift our perspective and make choices that align with our values and goals.

    Scarcity is not a permanent state, and it is possible to cultivate a sense of abundance in our lives by changing our mindset and behavior, according to Dr. Maria Nemeth.

    Shift your focus to:

    • What can you do with what you have? 
    • What can I do with what I have to bring more meaning to my life?