Ep. 27: Looking at Money | Online Course + Live Coaching

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    eom ep. 27

    Ep. 27: Looking at Money

    eom ep. 27

    Looking at Money

    'Nevertheless, I am Willing'

    -Dr. Maria Nemeth

    Ep. 27: Looking at Money

    Is there something that you don’t wanna look at in your relationship with money? If there is if you’re telling yourself the truth and you see that there are congratulations, just really for telling yourself the truth, that there is something that you don’t wanna look at. Now to be willing, is your capacity to say yes, no matter what you’re thinking or feeling, you know, to be willing says, I’m bigger than my doubts and worries about money.

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    We all have a relationship with money that we do not want to talk about, like how much we earn, how much we spend in a month, and how much we owe. Money is energy, and we have limiting beliefs that limit us from looking at money. Dr. Maria argues that our relationship with money is often shaped by deeply ingrained beliefs and attitudes that we may not even be aware of.

    Many of us have unconscious beliefs about money that limit our ability to earn, save, and invest effectively. For example, we may believe that money is “dirty” or “corrupt,” that we don’t deserve to be wealthy, or that having money will make us unhappy or selfish. These beliefs can prevent us from taking risks, pursuing opportunities, or making smart financial decisions.

    To be able to have a good relationship with money, we have to become more aware of our thoughts and feelings about money and challenge any negative or limiting beliefs we may have. The most powerful part is, after looking and seeing that there is something that you need to change about money, being willing to take action on that thing that you are not happy about in your relationship with money. 

    Are you willing to look at something that you are not comfortable looking at in regard to your relationship with money? 

    When you get the answer, you get the power to be proactive with your relationship with money because you are alive and aware of yourself. The willingness creates a hero’s journey because of the power that is higher than our thoughts and feelings. We have the ability to say Yes, I am willing.

    Dr. Nemeth argues that developing a healthy and positive relationship with money is essential for our overall well-being and success in life. By recognizing and addressing our limiting beliefs about money, we can unlock our full potential and achieve greater financial freedom and security.