Ep. 20: The Energy of Physical Vitality

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    ep 20

    Ep. 20: The Energy of Physical Vitality

    ep 20

    The Energy of Physical Vitality

    'What would happen if you did wake up to see how you use money to see if you're using it for your goals and dreams, making the contribution you would love to make in life'?

    -Dr. Maria Nemeth

    Ep. 20: The Energy of Physical Vitality

    This week Dr. Maria Nemeth talks about the Energy of Physical Vitality. She poses the question, “Where has my vision been cloudy when it comes to money?”  Listen in as Dr. Nemeth shares how sometimes we may need to step back and look at our relationship with money differently in order to gain a better perspective.

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    The energy of money brings in a lot of anxiety, but there is also the energy of physical vitality. Not having enough money and having more than enough both bring anxiety about money, thus looking at the energy of vitality helps in a way to balance anxiety of the energy of money.

    When we see things clearly, and the clogginess has been removed, it is the same thing that happens when it has been very difficult for me to look and see and tell the truth about what is going on in my relationship with money.

    In my relationship with money, the question is, are you willing to see things clearly about money? Are there things about relationships with money that you have not seen clearly?

    When we look clearly and see, we realize how we do spend money or how we do not spend money on ourselves. Sometimes we are scared of spending money on ourselves, the bottom line is we are not being conscious of our relationship with money and what we really want to be doing with that energy thus we are not enjoying our lives in relation to money then we need to take authentic action.

    Dr. Maria gives examples of areas that she has not looked at about her spending and acknowledges that sometimes we do not take a keen interest when looking but when we do. We are able to see clearly where the leaks are or the saves are, even for those who are scared of spending money on themselves.  

    Ultimately we are all on a learning journey about the energy of money and its effect on our relationship with money, in this podcast we get to learn in detail how to recognize this energy of vitality and relate it to energy of money, finally taking charge of our money relationship.