Ep. 19: Ordinary and Transforming Questions

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    ep 19 ordinary and transforming questions

    Ep. 19: Ordinary and Transforming Questions

    ep 19 ordinary and transforming questions

    Ordinary and Transforming Questions

    'Ordinary questions often lead to a singular answer, whereas transformative questions can lead to a couple of answers and self-awareness'

    -Dr. Maria Nemeth

    Ep. 19: Ordinary and Transforming Questions

    In life, there are times when we find ourselves asking questions like “what’s wrong,” “what’s going on with me,” or “why is this happening?” This week Dr. Maria Nemeth goes over the concept of ordinary questions versus transforming questions. Ordinary questions often lead to a singular answer, whereas transformative questions can lead to a plethora of answers and self-discovery. Listen in as Dr. Nemeth teaches us how to shift our mindset and ask ourselves transforming questions.

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    Dr. Maria Nemeth explores the power of asking questions to transform our lives. She explains that asking questions can help us gain clarity about our values, beliefs, and goals, and can help us to move towards a more fulfilling life. She distinguishes between two types of questions: ordinary questions that focus on the details of our daily lives and transforming questions that challenge our assumptions and lead to personal growth.

    These questions help us to focus on the practical aspects of our lives and can be useful in managing day-to-day tasks. However, she also emphasizes the importance of asking transforming questions, which challenge our assumptions and beliefs about ourselves and our lives. These questions can help us to gain clarity about our values and goals and move us towards a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

    Dr. Maria  offers several examples of transforming questions, such as “What is my purpose in life?” and “What are my deepest values?”What is the question in which my life is the answer? A mindfulness question to open up my life. Ordinary questions bring about fear and doubts versus transforming questions which focus on bringing out the abundance in life. 

    Instead of asking whether I need help, we focus on the question: am I inviting others to support me, which is transformative? The focus shifts from ‘me’ to others and how we can help or support them.

    By asking these questions and reflecting on our answers, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and what truly matters to us. She highlights the importance of asking these questions regularly and allowing ourselves the time and space to reflect on our answers.

    The emphasis throughout the episode is on the importance of asking questions to gain clarity and transform our lives rather than ordinary questions. By asking transforming questions, we can better understand our values, goals, and beliefs, and move towards a life that is more fulfilling and aligned with our deepest desires.