Ep. 14: Forgiveness | Online Course + Live Coaching

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    EOM EP 14

    Ep. 14: Forgiveness

    EOM EP 14


    'You can forgive people for yourself'

    -Father Gerry O’Rourke

    Ep. 14: Forgiveness

    Forgiveness can be a difficult process. Those feelings of resentment or anger can be overwhelming. However, hanging on to those emotions can get in the way of your own life. They can impede your own personal progress and growth. In this episode, Dr. Maria Nemeth shows you how to start the process of forgiveness.

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    Dr. Nemeth discusses the concept of forgiveness and its importance in our personal growth and well-being. Forgiveness is not about condoning bad behavior or letting someone off the hook for their actions. Instead, forgiveness is a process of releasing the resentment and anger we hold towards others or ourselves, which can cause emotional pain and block our ability to move forward.

    Dr. Nemeth shares stories of individuals who have experienced healing and transformation through forgiveness, and she provides practical advice on how to cultivate forgiveness in our lives. She emphasizes the importance of compassion, empathy, and self-care in the forgiveness process, and she offers specific exercises and techniques for practicing forgiveness by choosing to forgive people who have hurt us in relation to money relationships.

    Practicing forgiveness is for the sake of the other person not yours, since you have had them all along, it is like breaking the chain that has bound you together. 

    It is more of taking the courage to let the person go and let yourself free, it is giving back power to yourself and allowing yourself to heal from the hurt and start a journey of freedom. You also start a healing process with the person who had hurt you. 

    The role of forgiveness in our relationships is, it can help us to build stronger, more meaningful connections with others.  We are encouraged   to be patient and gentle with ourselves as we work through the forgiveness process, and more so the  emphasis is on the importance of practicing forgiveness as a daily habit.

    Forgiveness is a powerful and insightful podcast episode that provides guidance and support for cultivating forgiveness in our lives. By releasing the emotional burden of resentment and anger, we can experience greater peace, happiness, and fulfillment in our personal and professional relationships.

    Listen in  and remember: 

    Forgiveness is for the sake of the other person.